Albers School of Business and Economics


  • MBA students may pursue a formal specialization in accounting which requires ten elective courses, two beyond the MBA requirements. The elective requirements are as follows:

    • Four required Accounting courses:  
    • Four Accounting electives from departmental offerings
    • Two electives: one international elective and one general elective

    Note that the educational requirement to sit for the CPA Exam in Washington State includes 36 quarter hours in accounting in any combination of graduate and undergraduate accounting credit hours. Up to 13 credit hours of course work in principles of accounting may be counted. The formal Accounting specialization is not required to sit for the CPA exam.

    Please consult with graduate programs advisors for more information or visit the Accounting department website for faculty and career information.

    To declare a specialization, complete the "Addition of Another Major, Degree, or Specialization" form (available from PIGT 318 or the Office of the Registrar website) and submit it to PIGT 318.