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  • Introductory Statistics for Managers

    Completing this online Basic Statistics course satisfies the statistics prerequisite requirement for the Professional MBA program at Seattle University. This class is only open to incoming Professional MBA students and is a non-credit course.

    Class Information

    This course applies statistics tools and techniques to support decision making in business. The course begins with basic statistical measures of data with descriptive statistics and the use of basic probability theory. The material is applied using probability distributions and how to get descriptive statistics from sampling distributions. Statistical Inference is then used through the use of interval estimation and hypothesis testing. The course also covers simple linear regression to better understand relationships between variables. Students will learn how to use statistical software to obtain important results, and will practice how to interpret those results in context.

    Course Objectives

    This course should enhance a student's abilities to:

    • Use computers for statistical analysis
    • Interpret and communicate quantitative information
    • Interpret descriptive statistics;
    • Apply probability theory and interpret probabilities
    • Interpret interval estimation, conduct simple hypothesis testing, and interpret simple linear regression
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    Winter Quarter

    class is closed


    Summer Quarter

     Dates: Jun 22-Aug 28, 2015
    This is an online class
    Instructor: Lawrence Morales, PhD
    Fee: $650


    Dates: Aug 17-Sept 18, 2015
    This is an online class
    Instructor: Lawrence Morales, PhD
    Fee: $650


    For more information contact Susan Earley at or call her at 206-220-8221