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Information Systems

  • 2014-2015 Graduate Catalog
    All graduate courses are 3 credits, unless otherwise noted.
    Syllabi information is for reference only; information may not be current.

  • IS 5300 Internet Marketing

    Concepts, tools, and strategies for understanding and exploiting opportunities associated with electronic commerce; focus on the strategic aspects of marketing using the Internet. The Internet is dramatically altering the way business is conducted on a local and global basis, changing the way organizations conduct business, provide customer service, interact with internal and external stakeholders, advertise, develop products, build brands, generate new prospects, monitor the marketplace, and distribute products and services. (formerly IS 562)

    Prerequisite: MBA 5170 or instructor permission

    IS 5305 Data Management in Business

    This course introduces the management and analysis of corporate data. Topics include conceptual data modeling, relational database systems, data warehousing, and data administration, as well as SQL. Students are expected to understand the managerial challenges and solutions of corporate data management. (formerly IS 566)

    IS 5310 Data Mining for Business Intelligence

    This course introduces a set of technologies to provide business intelligence by analyzing massive amounts of complex data to find patterns that can be used to guide decision making and predict future behavior, such as the likely buying habits of customers. The areas where data mining can be used include marketing, finance, auditing, security, and others. Topics include data warehousing, online analytical processing (OLAP), and data mining. Students are expected to analyze real-world data in business for intelligent decision making. (formerly IS 567)

    IS 5315 Big Data Analytics

    Big data analytics is the application of analytic techniques to very large, diverse data sets that often include varied data types and streaming data. Big data analytics explores business and customer interactions from data that seldom finds its way into a data warehouse or standard report This data is often unstructured data coming from sensors, devices, third parties, Web applications, and social media - much of it sourced in real time on a large scale. Using advanced analytics techniques such as predictive analytics, data mining, statistics, and natural language processing, businesses can study big data to understand the current state of the business and track evolving aspects such as customer behavior. New methods of working with big data, such as Hadoop and MapReduce, also offer alternatives to traditional data warehousing. This class will define big data and big data analytics techniques and review big data use cases. (formerly IS 568)

    IS 5320 Strategies and Technologies on the Internet

    The Internet is becoming our new habitat for daily life and business. This class introduces the fundamentals of technologies on the Internet, including communication protocols and design of Internet applications. Discuss business strategies in this new environment in various market segments. (formerly IS 569)

    IS 5325 Capstone Project in Business Intelligence

    The Capstone is an application of data analytics in the planning and execution of a one-quarter-long real-life development project for an industry partner. Students work in teams to define and carry out an analytics project from initial requirements statements to final implementation. This activity will culminate in a formal public presentation of results at the end of the quarter. (formerly IS 589)

    IS 5910 Special Topics Courses

    See administrative office for prerequisites and course descriptions. (formerly IS 591 - 593)

    IS 5940 International Study Tour: Information Systems Management

    This course focuses on the management of technology in a given region of the world, and involves visiting a country in question to gain a better understanding of the issues facing managers in that environment. Location of tour can vary. Check with the department for details. (formerly IS 594)

    IS 5950 Internships

    For more about internships, visit the Placement Center (formerly IS 595)

    IS 5960 Independent Study

    Independent study. Individualized reading and reporting on a specific topic approved by an instructor. The program of study and conference times must total 30 hours of study and contact hours for every one-credit taken. Grading option negotiated with instructor for CR/F or letter grade (student option). (1 - 3 credits) (formerly IS 562)

    IS 5990 Research Paper