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Business Calculus

  • Completing this Business Calculus course satisfies the math proficiency requirement for graduation from the MBA, MPAC, or MSF programs at Seattle University. This Business Calculus class is equivalent to 5 credits of undergraduate calculus and is a rigorous class. Previous calculus experience is not a prerequisite but solid algebra skills are required. You are strongly encouraged to review the math pre-test in preparation for this course. These non-credit courses are open to graduate, undergraduate, and non-matriculated students.

    "Probably the single-most helpful and instructional class I have taken so far is the calculus class I had when I first started last year. And all due to Larry Morales.

    "Larry taught the class in such a way that brought relevance to the program we were starting. Over the past year, what I learned in Larry's class has come back time and time again. The confidence I gained in Larry's class has helped me do well in all those subsequent classes and I thank him for that.

    "Anyway, I wanted you to know what a tremendous benefit Larry is to the SU MBA program. He is sincerely interested in helping students learn the material and strives to keep it relevant. In my view, he has succeeded."

    -Current Albers Grad Student

    Class Information

    The purpose of this course is to refresh or introduce to you the basic ideas and techniques of calculus that you may encounter in future course work. This course combines the use of Excel and graphing software to enhance a practical subject matter. The class covers the following:

    • Review of algebraic ideas
    • Rules for derivatives and related concepts
    • Optimization problems using derivatives
    • Multivariable calculus
    • Rigorous applications in team settings
    • Supplemental topics

    **This class does not satisfy any required Math class for students (i.e. Math 1130)**

  • Class Information

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    Spring Quarter 2015

    Dates: Mar 30-Jun 6, 2015
    Instructor: Lawrence Morale PhD
    This is an online class
    Fee: $650


    Summer Quarter 2015

    Dates: Jun 22-Aug 27, 2015
    Instructor: Lawrence Morales, PhD
    This is an online class
    Fee: $675


    Fall Quarter 2015

    Dates: Sept 21-Dec 3, 2015
    Instructor: Lawrence Morales, PhD
    This is an online class
    Fee: $675

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