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  • My emotion rises with graduation

    I cannot believe that this is my last week of my MBA program at Seattle University Albers Business School.  It is good to have a MBA degree on a piece of paper, but more importantly, it is all about the experiences I have had during these two years.

    Albers has given me tons of opportunities to develop my talents.  For example, I met one of the greatest mentors in my life Jerry Huffman (VP of HR at SU) who provided me career advice and leadership building within a company.  He has made me understand much more about myself including my strengths and weaknesses so that I could be very focused on how to improve these.

    Second, I have gained a solid education from the well-structured curriculum.  I was able to take many different electives that related to my future career (Retail Business Development).  I developed very good relationships with the professors.  To mention a few, Peter Raven, David Reid, Madhu Rao and Rubina Mahsud; all of them helped me so much not only on my course work, but also on my networking arena. Through Albers networking events, I was able to join Costco MIT (Manager in Training) program and now I am excited to move to Taiwan for Costco right after my MBA graduation this week.

    Last but not least, I want to thank Albers Graduate Programs for giving me the opportunity to work as an ambassador.  I got to meet so many different talented prospective and current students.  I am glad I could help make their graduate life more colorful and successful.  

    There were just too many amazing memories and fun things that happened at Albers such as climbing the Great Wall in Beijing, visiting the World Expo and cruising the Huangpu River in Shanghai with two faculty members and 20 plus students during the China study tour summer 2010.  Without the support of these people, I could not become who I am today.  So fellows, I hope you can take advantages of all the resources provided by Albers and be proactive for your education and career.  Good luck!

    By (Derek) Huiqiang Zhao, Email:  



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