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  • My favorite MBA class!

     One of the most informative, interesting and relevant classes I have taken in the MBA program is BLAW 575. It is designed for entrepreneurs but I found that the knowledge I gained from the class is useful for all business people, especially those seeking executive or managerial roles. The topics we covered included the legal responsibilities of executives and key employees in starting a new company and recruiting employees, structuring ownership agreements and dividing ownership claims, issuing stocks, how to save money using tax planning, forming and working with a Board of Directors, how to raise money through family and friends, angel investors and venture capital, human resources and employment law, managing legal issues in mergers & acquisitions and how to protect your company’s intellectual property. I found that this class was a good combination of the global perspective that executives need, along with enough details to ensure proper legal management of a company. I enjoyed analyzing and discussing the various cases involved with each topic and the panel of entrepreneurial experts that joined our class for one session to share their experiences in forming companies. This class has given me a solid foundation in business law. For those considering it as an elective, I would highly recommend this class!

    Written by Thuy Vien. Thuy can be reached at



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