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  • Tips for Surviving Finals Week

    How time flies!  This is finals week.  When I walked to the library, the computer lab and even Pigott lobby, I felt the intense atmosphere about final exams.  For me, it was not an easy Quarter because I worked two part-time jobs, took care of a newborn son and took two MBA classes at the same time. I am happy that I finished my finals on the 9th of December, so I would like to share some tips that I used to deal with the finals. 

    1: Get enough sleep.

    You will do better if you are rested.  Cramming often leads to a superficial and confused knowledge of the material you studied.

    2: Resist the urge to party before finals.

    This is the holiday season.  You might be invited to different parties.  Why don’t you use this free time to get started on your class materials?  The earlier you start studying, the better results you will have.  The final is a big part of your final grade (usually 30% or more), in which case it is more likely to make a significant difference in your final average. REMEMBER: if you party, you will need to recover!

    3: Manage your time with a system like time log.

    I found out it is very effective to make a time table before finals.  This includes study time (big chunk), sleeping (another big chunk), exercise time, and some small breaks.  You will study more effectively if you spread things out and take breaks.

    4: Stay focused.

    You cannot change the grades of the assignments that you have done, so the best strategy is to stay focused by reviewing the class materials and studying with good group members.  You will learn more and be better prepared if you find someone who is also committed to studying.

    5: When the exam is over, let it go, have some fun.

    You should forget about the exam when it is over.  Life needs to move on, so why not enjoy a break and prepare for a new quarter?

    Written by Derek Zhao,



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