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    One of the things I have appreciated about the Albers School of Business is the easy access to resources I have to accomplish my tasks.  For new students and admitted students, I would highly recommend checking out the databases and articles at the Interim Library, such as Harvard Business Review, LexisNexis, Value Line and Morningstar. They provide rapid access to information you will need in researching industries. I have found them indispensible in preparing market research studies for my Marketing, Finance and Business Law classes. Best of all, this access is FREE!

    To gain access, simply begin your search at the Interim Library’s webpage, type in the resource you are interested in and log in using your student ID and password.

    Another convenience I have frequently taken advantage of is the online access we have to computer programs at the Albers School through Virtual Desktop. By logging in at this website, we can access all the computer programs the Albers School from our homes, rather than having to come onto campus. Virtual Desktop has allowed me to use a Monte Carlo simulation program while working from home, a feature I have found invaluable for getting through my finance class.

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