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  • End of Fall Quarter

    As the fall quarter comes to an end, so does my first quarter in graduate school.  It's a stressful time full of finals and papers but it's also a time for reflection.  What did my professors want me to take away from their courses? 

    MBA 510 - Leadership Skills & Team Development:  A highly rated course that lived up to its reputation.  Bill Weis effectively taught the importance of listening, support, positivity, teambuilding, and reflection.  The weekend retreat was unforgettable and the people I met were amazing.  An excellent way to start graduate business school.

    MBA 512 - Business Ethics:  Marc Cohen promoted asking questions rather than giving answers.  This was challenging because the natural reaction to a question is an answer, not another question.  Through different frameworks, we were encouraged to think critically about the situations around us and by seeking questions, we can eventually reveal the right answers.

    Business Calculus Online:  I was initially skeptical about taking an online course but Lawrence Morales presented the material practically and effectively.  His video lectures were clear and concise and the ability to pause and resume lecture was conducive for learning.

    Overall, it was a relatively calm quarter filled with readings and papers as opposed to quizzes and exams.  Easily, the best part was meeting thoughtful people and making new friends.

    Loc Nguyen, MBA Candidate,  


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