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  • A Call for Cross-Collaboration

    Posted by Farani Aryono on 9/8/2011 05:29:35 PM

    Sometimes, I get questions from potential/incoming students on leadership opportunities or collaboration with other departments in Seattle U. In Albers, we have AGSA (Albers Graduate Student Association) where students can network and socialize with fellow business students and faculty members. Outside Albers, Seattle U has GSC (Graduate Student Council). A friend and former Vice Chair of GSC, Sarah D. Fischer, wrote this piece below early this year which I think has a really great message. Supporting student organizations across campus including AGSA, GSC encourages graduate students to do cross collaboration with students within and outside their own departments. You can read more about GSC here. 

    A Call for Cross-Collaboration 

    Contrary to popular thought, the best part about Grads @ The Garage was neither the Mac & Jacks nor the free appetizers (although both were fab) in January. The Echo Room was filled with a mixture of students and the best part, in my humble opinion, was guessing what groups of people were from what school. In reflecting about this social event, I realized that something is missing from our graduate studies at SU.  

    This placing game was wildly entertaining and served as a great icebreaker when mingling around. Funnily enough, I had the pleasure of meeting some students who were playing the very same game. We joined our forces and debated over what we saw. While more of our guesses were wrong than right, it was a fun way to laugh about all of our programs’ stereotypes, take a sociological look at how people interact, and bond over how much we really were more the same rather than different. While comparing notes about our respective studies, I also got a glimpse of my fellow peers before seeing them in the ‘real world,’ where I believe our paths will likely cross more frequently than not. I was humbled in learning about other’s experiences in their externships, internships, specializations, and seeing the all-around zeal people had for their chosen path of study.  

    And this is where my experience in the Echo Room hinted at something I believe should be a part of our graduate studies at SU, which is missing—cross-collaboration between disciplines. So many of society’s ills could be aided through cross-collaboration rather than competition between these various industries we are striving to be an integral part of.  

    I was encouraged and challenged—if we could get together and learn so much from each other within a few hours in a mere social setting, what could we do if we had the challenge to collaborate across disciplines, using the ‘real world’ as our play pen? One needs to not look further than the Seattle University Youth Initiative ( for a way to make this kind of learning to become reality. Moreover, it would be a win-win for the community and our educational endeavors.  

    While we need to be the very best at our specialty we have chosen, why not also be the very best at contributing to society by embracing the countless opportunities cross-collaboration between disciplines holds for us, right here, right now?? 

    Sarah D. Fischer, Master’s in Business Administration Candidate, December 2011 


    Written by Farani Aryono,  


    Facebook and Seattle U

    Posted by Farani Aryono on 9/1/2011 04:03:36 PM

    I have two things I want to mention in this entry and I’m equally excited about both of them!

    The first news I want to share is that we now have a Facebook Page for Albers Graduate Programs !

     Facebook badge  

    Albers has an existing Facebook page before which caters to both undergraduate and graduate students, but the Graduate Programs feel it’s necessary to launch one specifically for our graduate programs (all four of them: MBA, MPAC, MSF, and MIB) so we created the page and will post updates on events such as speaker series, mentor fair, information sessions, pictures and many more! Like us now so you can stay in touch and get updates of what’s happening in Albers School of Business Graduate Programs!

    The second news I have is for those who are unfamiliar with 12th Ave and/or like to explore new places.  

    Our main campus is located in 12th ave neighborhood where there are lots of local businesses around the area. Laura Hauck, one of our Graduate Program Coordinators, sent me a website with an interactive map where it lists down different shops based on the categories. I find this website interesting and the map to be useful if I want to walk around before going to class or happen to be in the area. Check out the 12th Avenue website here.

    That’s all I have for this week – have a great long weekend everyone!

    Written by Farani Aryono,