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  • Summer Networking Events at Albers

    Posted by Peter Graziani on 7/28/2011 02:01:42 PM


     Summer Networking Events at Albers 


    This summer there will be two networking events with students, alumni and friends of the Albers School of Business and Economics.  These events should present a great opportunity to meet and mingle with business students both from Albers and the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington. 


    Albers Alumni Happy hour 

    The first event is on Aug. 3 at 4:30pm at Palomino’s in downtown Seattle.  Alumni, students and friends of Albers will be at a happy hour to meet and greet each other.  I went to one of these events about a year ago, and was very impressed with the turnout and the people that I met.  Remember, this networking event isn’t for MBA’s only, but for all students and alumni associated with Albers.  Bring business cards and an appetite for good conversation.


    Event details 

    Date: Wed. Aug. 3, 2011
    Time: 4:30p to 6:30p
    Place:  Palomino’s
                 1420 Fifth Ave.
                 Seattle, WA 98101


    Cross-School Event 

    The Albers Graduate Student Association (AGSA) was contacted by a fellow evening MBA student at the University of Washington.  She was interested in organizing a networking event for all MBA students in Seattle, and wanted to get SU involved.  AGSA felt this would be a unique opportunity for students from other programs to come together and share what we’ve learned.  We hope to make this an ongoing relationship.  Some ideas for the fall have been for a joint tailgate at a UW game, and events before (or after) the annual SU/UW basketball game.  For now we have a social event planned for mid Aug. where we will be able to meet with some drinks and light appetizers.  Come and bring ideas for future events!  No need to RSVP, just show up.


    Event Details    

    Date: Thurs. Aug. 11, 2011
    Time: 7p to ? (it will still be going on after finals end at 9p though)
    Place: Star Lounge at the Garage
               1130 Broadway
               Seattle, WA  98122


    See you there!!


    PJ Graziani

    Graduate Student Ambassador


    MBA 510 Leadership Skills and Team Development

    Posted by Farani Aryono on 7/7/2011 04:24:01 PM

     MBA 510WSP 11 

    How can you sum up your  MBA 510 experience in less than a minute? 

    I took MBA 510 class in Spring and picked up my final paper & journal from the front desk last week. While flipping through the paper, I was surprised by the surging memories and emotions I had on the class. Although it has been more than a month since our last class meeting, I still think about the class and my classmates from time to time. 

    I’m sure everybody has different experiences in their 510. For me, I remember three things from the class. First, the people involved: Bill Weiss (Bill is one of the Professors teaching MBA 510 at Seattle U every quarter), Teams & Leaders staffs Kevin and Jen, then each of my caring classmates whom without them my class wouldn’t be the same. Second, the things I shared with them: the jokes, drinks, laughs, good times in happy hour/deep lounging, the connections with different people in the class, and many encouraging/touching moments we had in the retreat. Finally, I remember about the team work which transformed 28 strangers into team members helping each other to achieve mutual goals. These goals can be getting everybody over a 13ft wall with nobody getting injured, climbing a giant ladder 50ft above the ground, or simply completing paint job for a non-profit organization. 

    After completing the retreat and service project in this class, I was reminded that everybody has different strengths/weaknesses. My definition of a leader changed a lot in a way that now I believe a person can be a leader by being in the front leading others, on the side completing tasks, or in the back supporting others. I also learn to be an emphatic listener, appreciate my team members, focus on the strengths I bring to the table and give positive affirmations whenever somebody does a great job. In my opinion, MBA 510 is all about the people, experience, team work, and different kinds of leaders. Lastly, it’s up to you as a participant to decide what you want to get from this class. I strongly believe that the more time and energy you put in, the more you will get from this class. 

    People say pictures speak a thousand words, so here are the pictures from my MBA 510 Spring Wednesday class. Enjoy! 

    What is MBA 510? MBA 510 is a class that focuses on leadership and team development. All students are required to take the class in their first/second quarter. If you are a new student, I recommend strongly taking this class on your first quarter as one will make many friends and learn a lot about his/her own strengths and abilities in this class. It is also one of the best classes you can ever take in Seattle University!  

    Written by Farani Aryono, 


    MGMT 575 Leading with Emotional Intelligence

    Posted by Peter Graziani on 7/5/2011 05:08:57 PM


    I just completed MGMT 575, Leading with Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  This class is unique to Seattle University, and often attracts UW students or graduates students from other schools at SU.  EQ teaches students to use self awareness as a basis for self management and social awareness to reach the ultimate goal of relationship management.  This is accomplished by placing students in situations where they must evaluate their ‘here and now’ feelings and utilize intense empathic listening skills.  Many of the exercises for EQ are extremely powerful, emotional, exhausting, yet very rewarding.  I made strong connections with my coaching triad, and my 6-person training group as well as the remainder of the class.  EQ is the one of the classes in the SU MBA program that creates strong, intense bonds within the students.  MBA 510 is the other.     


    One of the more powerful exercises for me was the reading of our autobiographies during the first day of the 3 day retreat at Snoqualmie Pass.  We read our 4-page autobiographies to our t-group members.  I was more moved by the stories of the others in my group, and how emotional they were while reading about the events and people that had an impact on their lives.  All of us showed vulnerability and trust while we read our life stories and that created a strong bond between us. 


    The main feature of the class is the t-group exercises.  I was placed in a circle with 5 other classmates to discuss our feelings and wants with each other.  The facilitators prevented the conversation from leaving the ‘here and now’.  That means that all of the feelings must be current and the conversation must be internal to the group and not include anything outside of the circle.  I realize this is very difficult to understand from a short blog entry, but take it from me; this exercise was difficult, but powerful.  It made me stop to think about my true feelings and how I react to the feelings and thoughts of those who I interact with. 


    We had the opportunity to practice coaching with our coaching triad.  We were instructed to listen to a life or career oriented problem that a member of our triad is currently involved in.  We practiced intense listening skills and how to ask questions that dug deeper into the issue and how the person truly felt.  I learned that a coach needs to refrain from providing suggestions too early in the investigation process.  A good coach keeps asking questions that allow the client to come close to the solution on their own. 


    EQ is one of the most rewarding and challenging classes that I have taken so far at SU.  I highly recommend it to anyone considering a leadership or people management role.  We are lucky at SU to have the opportunity to take a class such as this one so consider taking advantage of it!