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  • MBA 571 - Adventure Based Leadership

    Posted by Daniel Klein on 6/18/2012 10:27:54 AM

    By Daniel Klein

    I just got back from a weekend of rock climbing and conflict training with a group of Seattle U. students.  While this might sound like an interesting activity in general, it turns out this is actually a class offered through the MBA program!  According to the course syllabus:  “The Adventure-Based Leadership class offers an opportunity to shift beyond the workplace and academic spheres into a learning laboratory setting. This learning opportunity does not take place in isolation, but is supported by strong background training in leadership skills (goal setting, team building, effective communication, risk taking, problem solving, and trust building), as well as an appropriate grounding in the outdoor environment that serves as the course “classroom.” Participants will be asked to experiment with and practice various roles necessary to an effective, high performing team.” 

    I am very thankful for this class and all that it has offered.  It has provided an opportunity to learn more about my own management style, to learn how to work better with others, and to learn communication strategies that are already helping with my current conflicts.  Thank you, Bill, for teaching this class, and Kudos to Seattle U. for making it an available part of the curriculum. 

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