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  • Greetings from Your New Student Ambassador

    Posted by Farani Aryono on 6/27/2011 11:27:06 AM

    When informed that I’d be one of the Graduate Student Ambassadors for 2011-2012, I was very excited (and to be honest – nervous too, although just a little bit). It is exciting because this position gives me an opportunity to share and express my views/experiences, which hopefully will be helpful for current/new/prospective students in Albers Business School. 

    In the beginning of 2011, I started taking classes at Seattle U. At first, I wasn't sure if getting into a business school and obtaining MBA were the right decisions for me. However, after spending two quarters being a part of the community, I'm very glad I chose the right school. I knew I chose the right school for me because I gained more knowledge in different business areas (accounting and finance for example), improved my people skill, and most importantly, I enjoyed the time I spent with classmates & faculties both inside and outside the class room. I honestly could not imagine myself studying anywhere else and still receiving the same rewarding experience that I've had so far. 

    Seattle U and Albers have so many things to offer to their students, such as strategic location, flexible schedule, attentive faculty members, classmates with diverse backgrounds, and other valuable attributes. Although, I have yet to experience most if not all of the opportunities offered, I look forward to 2011-2012 academic year and to share my experiences here in the blog. I also strongly encourage everyone (current/new/prospective students) to learn about the graduate resources/opportunities that Albers have here 

    Since I am not taking any classes this summer, I will have more time to enjoy the two months of sun that Seattle will have; I will still be on campus several days a week and if you happen to see me in Albers or somewhere else, please say Hi! 

    Finally, I wish everyone a great summer and stay tuned for more updates from PJ and I. 

    Written by Farani Aryono. 

    Summer Session Courses

    Posted by Peter Graziani on 6/8/2011 02:12:28 PM


    As summer approaches I again am hearing mixed feelings about taking summer session classes.  Some of my classmates want to enjoy the weather, while others see it a way to get through classes quickly.  I see both sides of the argument, and believe that each person has to make their own decisions on the subject. 


    This is my second summer as a grad student, and I will be studying throughout the summer for the second time.  Last summer, I took an 8 week course, and then participated on a study tour that met through the intersession (early Aug. through mid Sept.), but I knew classmates that took three courses during the 8 week session.  In my experience, summer classes are not easier or more informal that fall, winter, or spring quarter classes so expect to do the same amount of work during the summer as you would during the other seasons.  The only difference is that the class is only 8 weeks (including finals week) as opposed to 10.  This means that each class meeting is longer as well.  Summer classes start at 5:30pm and go to 9pm.  There is also the option of taking classes that meet for only 4 weeks, or you can take intersession (Aug. 15-Sept. 13) classes; these normally meet twice a week from 5:30pm to 9pm.

    One thing to consider is that some classes are only offered in the summer, or there will be other occasions where a professor only teaches in the summer.  I am taking a class that fits into the former category, Extraordinary Leaders.  I have a classmate that theorizes that it is best to take classes that involve plenty of reading so that he could go outside and read, that way he can enjoy the weather and get school work done simultaneously. 


    So if you are trying to decide whether to plan for summer session course consider all of the options and the opportunity costs with taking classes, but do not consider these classes to be easier.  Regardless of the decision, there is one thing we all must do….have a great summer!!