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  • Congratulations to Class of 2010! Enjoy the Party and Begin the Journey.

    Posted by Huiqiang Zhao on 6/16/2010 01:23:20 PM

    It was a beautiful afternoon of June 12, Saturday.  The Albers School of Business and Economics hosted a graduation celebration party for undergrads, grads and their family and friends.  The Paccar atrium of Pigott building was packed with hundreds of faculty, staff, students and their guests.  This year we have about 290 students graduating from Albers, representing one of the most diverse graduating classes in the Pacific Northwest.  Graduating students dressed up and showed up with emotions.  Some felt sad because they knew they would leave SU, one of the best universities, which provides a unique approach to undergraduate and graduate education that satisfies their quest for a deeper knowledge of their field with a broader sense of purpose and enrichment.  Some felt happy because they knew that they would use everything they had learned at SU to explore and develop their careers.  Each of them knows the opportunities are unlimited; the doors are open for them.  For example, an undergraduate, Suleng Sueong, completed her BA degree with triple majors (Math, Accounting & Finance), will continue her Master of Finance Engineering at Columbia University this fall.  Dennis Feng said he wanted to apply for SU’s MPAC program because he wanted to learn more to equip himself.  At the same time, many graduating students told me that they are more confident in this competitive job market.

    No matter what, Albers, SU and Alumni Relations will continue to support them and connect with them.  We do believe these new graduates will shine and be successful.


    Big Celebration for Our Graduates !!!!

    Albers Party 2010 

    Albers Party 3

    Albers Party 2010 2

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    SU's MBA Program Makes Me Become a Better Manager!

    Posted by Huiqiang Zhao on 6/8/2010 02:26:44 PM

    I am very happy to have my OPER 576 classmate, David Whitman, share his experiences in Albers MBA program.  David is a Certification Business Manager with Greenpoint Technologies which provides interior solutions for Boeing aircraft, including VIP interior completions for private individuals, corporations and heads-of-state. As a preferred OEM supplier to the Boeing Company, Greenpoint Technologies has designed and delivered specialty interior systems and modifications for nearly every Boeing commercial model.  In addition, David has two cute daughters and lives with his family in Bothell.

    “My MBA experience has been fabulous. The professors have been top rate and the small class size has been great compared to my undergraduate studies at a large local state university. The curriculum is well structured and I have focused on management classes. The MBA 510 initiation was a good start for the MBA program and I still run into many of my classmates from that quarter (although many have graduated). The community service emphasis in the curriculum has provided me a feeling of well being and pride of giving back to the community.

    The MBA program has been helpful in bringing practical and applicable ideas to my workplace. My company has plenty of senior directors and managers that have received their MBAs and discussing leadership and management ideas has been always beneficial to our growing company.

    I like the fact that one can start their MBA program any quarter. This flexibility allowed me to start my studies right away instead of, in my case, waiting another nine months to start different MBA programs that only start in fall quarter.

    As a functional manager I have used many of the leadership and management skills, readings, and case studies for managing my staff. Having the theoretical and research-based knowledge has been invaluable for me to be a better manager.

    I decided on Seattle University due to my wife’s enjoyment with her MBA program (1997 SU graduate) and because of the flexibility in the starting point any quarter. I made a wise decision and have thoroughly enjoyed my learning experience.”

    Written by David Whitman, Email:


    Feeling Good from Doing Good! OPER 576 rocks!!!

    Posted by Huiqiang Zhao on 6/3/2010 10:37:19 AM

    Remember this project?  Here’s the update!  Over the past beautiful weekend, seven classmates and I spent the two full days helping “Orion Center for YouthCare” re-organize its storage room, food shelves, and receiving area. We all rolled up the sleeves, worked very hard and enjoyed the sweat.  Sometimes we separated our tasks to fit each person’s strengths.  For example, I handled shelves building with power tools.  Other people handled sorting and labeling thousands of clothes.  But sometimes we had everybody work on the same task together such as moving all the organized bins back to the storage.  When my teammates realized I still showed up even though I was sick, they all stepped up and took over some of my duties.    This was a real team because we were helping each other.  We showed respect and consideration. 

    After we completed the project, the center staff was amazed about the new functional storage area. They said we had made their life so much easier.  They felt that we provided them a system that allowed them to get and store things effectively and efficiently for their outreach program. This is exactly the learning objectives for OPER 576 Project Management class.  I am happy I took this class because it taught me the critical successful functions of project management, but more importantly, this class provided us the opportunity to apply what we learned in class and help those organizations that serve some of the most needy in our community.  As we know, every successful project requires commitment from the project manager and each team member. The art and science in project management have to be blended well in order to move the whole project into a right direction.  In summary, this project was on budget, on time and on scope.




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    Favorite MBA Moments

    Posted by Thuy Vien on 6/2/2010 04:10:22 PM


    On this, the last day of my MBA career, I’ve indulged in a moment of reminiscence about my time at the Albers School of Business, and I came up with my list of “Favorite MBA Moments”:

    • MBA 510: The whole class…well, except for maybe the half hour I spent stuck in a foot of mud in the pouring rain during our outdoor-themed service project, attacking some blackberry bushes with a pick ax.
    • BLAW 575 (Business Law: New Ventures) I have never learned as much relevant and useful information in one quarter as I did in this class. The best part was the executive panel the professor assembled of the area’s leading entrepreneurs; for over an hour, we had access to successful entrepreneurs with decades of experience and we were able to question them about their start-up strategies. Several of my classmates have already begun to put the knowledge they’ve gained from this class into starting their own companies.
    • Mentor meetings: at one meeting, a team member was describing his business plan competition entry, and my mentor was able to transform its direction and scope by three or four well-chosen questions. I tried to absorb as much as I could from the exchange: it was an unexpected learning opportunity about thinking at the executive level.
    • Seattle University has robust relationships with the area’s business leaders, and this is evident by the quality of speakers that present at the Albers Executive Speakers Series. My favorite topic this year was presented by the CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, “The Business of Doing Good”.
    • Planning for our MBA 516 (Management of People) seminar for Dr. Marrone's class. The planning was as much fun as the event itself! Thanks, MBA 516 team!