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  • Great Beginning

    Posted by Farani Aryono on 5/1/2013 08:58:48 PM

    This is my first quarter at Albers and I am a full-time student. Originally from India I moved to Seattle almost 2 years back.

    Before joining Albers I was trying to be a professional blogger. It was an interesting adventure. I had huge plans for my “Blogging Career”. But plans do go awry as this one did. That is when I realized my different experiences (4 years in technology companies, 2 years of community service and now almost 2.5 years of blogging) were not enough. I needed to go out of my shell and get a new perspective. Most importantly there were certain market dynamics that were beyond my comprehension. This little journey of thought brought me to Albers.

    I always tell my friends “I do not want to survive, I want to succeed” and that’s why here I am at Albers. I am here to learn and grow. I am here to fill the gaps in my understanding. I am here for a 360 degree experience. I am here to get the maximum mileage from the amalgamation of my experiences and the tools/skills Albers will provide me. 

    At the beginning of my course I was little nervous because I was going back to school after a very long time and I was also not sure if would be able to adjust. My doubt was how I would get along with people from so many culture and background. I remember the night before my first class I could not sleep. I even questioned my decision of doing an MBA, for a person like me, a MBA is an investment. I was asking myself again and again am I making the right decision.

    So did I make the right decision…well…absolutelyJ. Three weeks into it and I am loving it. So far I have met people from various countries (Romania, Philippines, Ukraine, China, Pakistan, US) and from various industries (Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing, Costco, Paccar, Vulcan, Intercall). The diverse culture of Albers provides me tools to broaden my horizons. When you decide to do MBA you decide to make one the most important career move. This is a degree in which experience outside your class is equally important. Every teacher has a unique way of teaching. Every course is a different experience. But every class has an open and interactive environment.

    It is said Well Begin is Half Done. The beginning no doubt has been amazing and I am sure the journey would be equally exciting. Would you like to walk along with me?

    By Vaishali Agarwal,