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    Posted by Farani Aryono on 4/28/2011 05:16:43 PM

    “The most important thing I can do as President and CEO of Puget Sound Energy is lead by example”. Kim Harris at Albers’ Executive Speaker Series   


    It was an interesting afternoon last Wednesday here at Albers. Kim Harris, President and CEO of Puget Sound Energy, PSE, was the guest speaker at the School’s increasingly popular Executive Speaker Series.


    Harris comes across as an inspiring leader, an assertive businesswoman, and a remarkable strategist.

    She told the audience about Puget Sound Energy and its priorities not just as a utility company, but as an organization that thrives to bring energy to our homes and companies. Furthermore, she explained how creativity and sustainability are not only prior standards at PSE, but they are an imperative in today’s environmental awareness agenda. Washington State, as the Chief executive put it, is not just a “green” State. It is one committed to the preservation and optimization of the use of natural resources.


    When asked by a member of the audience about the challenges she faced as woman in such a predominantly male industry, she wisely pointed to the fact that anything and everything is possible and achievable when you are truly passionate about it. This, along with an outstanding career in business, has led her path to the leading position of Puget Sound Energy.


    Written by Natalia Varela Donado. Contact Natalia at  


    Red Winged Leadership Award

    Posted by Natalia Varela Donado on 4/20/2011 05:16:06 PM


    Last night I went to a networking event hosted by the 2010-2011 Graduate Leadership Formation Cohort.  The purpose of the event was for members of the cohort and of the SU community to meet the 2011 nominees of the Red Winged Leadership Award.  Two of the three nominees were present, and shared their stories with the attendees.  I was mesmerized by the passion and energy that these two have for their non-profit organizations, and how much wisdom can be gained by just taking the bull by the horns and following a vision.  Both Danna Johnston and Shan Greene had moments in their lives when they decided to take a huge chance at starting a non-profit that would help others.  It was extremely empowering to hear the excitement in their voices and the concern that they have for the people that they help.    


    Shana’s company, Village Volunteers, sponsors professional volunteers (doctors, lawyers, and engineers) as they travel to Africa and conduct projects or staff clinics that aid inhabitants of small villages that would otherwise be neglected.  Danna’s company, the Danna K. Johnston Foundation, works with young inter-city girls to get them into college.  Both of them shared success stories along with the challenges that they face daily.  The third nominee Chris Fontana, who was in Guatemala on a service project, started Global Visionaries which connects students from the US with students from Central America, and challenges them with community service projects.    


    The Red Winged Leadership Award will be held at 6pm on May 12, 2011 in Campion Hall, and will celebrate the dedication that Danna, Shana, and Chris give to their organizations.  Everyone is welcome to come to the award ceremony and celebrate these local leaders.  I almost guarantee that you will be energized by their commitment and hard work.   


    Learn more about the award at: 


    Written by Peter Graziani. Contact him at

    It's Service Week at Seattle U!

    Posted by Natalia Varela Donado on 4/7/2011 05:24:38 PM

    During the week of April 11 the Albers Graduate Student Association (AGSA) will be participating in the Jesuit MBA Service Week.  The service week is part of a nationwide campaign to help the communities near the Jesuit MBA programs.  Seattle University will be collecting non-perishable food items and baby materials and toiletries for the Central Area Motivational Program.  You can bring these items to the Paccar Atrium in Pigott Building during the week of April 11. 


    In addition AGSA will have a table in the atrium to provide more information about service week, and the activities that AGSA has planned for the MBA students at Albers.  There will be free cookies and coffee.  Most professors will conduct a common break time on Thursday night. 

    This means that all of the classes will take their nightly break at the same time, and the students will have the opportunity to reconnect with each other.  Sometimes is it difficult to talk with classmates or that 510 buddy, but the common break will give you a window of opportunity. 


    I, for one, am happy to see AGSA taking the initiative to help with the service week.  Often times we forget that there are others in our community that can use a little help, especially in this economy.  AGSA does plan to increase involvement with service week next year so drop by their table and give them suggestions, or just say hi!!


    Written by PJ Graziani. Contact PJ at


    Click here to view the Service Week information flyer.