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  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence

    Posted by Farani Aryono on 2/27/2012 03:52:28 PM

    Last Saturday, I had my last session of MGMT 575 - Leading with Emotional Intelligence class. I have to say the class is a lot different from other classes I've taken in Albers. The class focuses on four attributes of EQ (see below) and how you can enhance each of the four attributes. We started with classroom experiences for about  3 weeks followed by a 3 day retreat near Wallace Falls in Gold Bar, WA, and then final class session a week after the retreat. I enjoyed this class and would recommend it to who are interested to take it. The class is offered every winter and summer, and you also have option to take it with your friends, spouse, guests, and also open for Alumni (Italian Dolomites). For more information, please click here


    Your ability to accurately perceive your emotions and stay aware of them as they happen. This includes being aware of how you tend to respond to specific situations and people.


    Your ability to use the awareness of your emotions to positively direct your behavior - managing your emotional reactions to all situations and people.


    Your ability to accurately read the emotions of others and understand what is really going on -understanding what others are thinking and feeling, and being able to effectively see and navigate organizational culture.


    Your ability to use the awareness of your emotions and the emotions of others to successfully manage interactions and relationships.

    Written by Farani Aryono,