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  • How do I make the most of my experience at Albers?

    Posted by Natalia Varela Donado on 2/22/2011 03:29:04 PM

    One of the challenges graduate Business students face today is finding time to make the most of their program at both the academic and professional levels. Academically, we take as many courses as our schedule allows us to, and try to excel in our performance in class. At the professional level, one of the ways to get great value from our graduate experience is to take advantage of every chance we get to network with fellow graduate students, faculty members, advisors, and other connections made through our School.

    Albers has done a great job at facilitating these processes for both its graduate and undergraduate students. One example of this is the various programs and events that the Albers Placement Center,, holds throughout the academic year. From its highly acclaimed Mentor Program, which brings together students and senior-level executives in the Puget Sound area, resulting in a beneficial networking relationship for both the mentors and the students; to the various monthly and quarterly internship fairs, job fairs, networking events, and workshops that prepare students for the challenge of finding a great job once they graduate.

    The School also offers several opportunities for students to join various clubs and student associations, such as the Marketing club, which recently sponsored a trip of a group of students to Starbucks’ headquarters downtown. One of the most recently consolidated examples of these associations is AGSA, the Albers Graduate Students Association ( Jennifer Walker (, and Andy Compton (, two of our future MBAs, with full support of the Director of the Program, Professor Greg Magnan, have successfully put together this organization, which has planned and executed various events whose aim is to bring together the graduate student community. From my perspective, this is a great opportunity to get to know new colleagues, network with them and even in the best of cases, build long-lasting relationships.

    The invitation is for you, current and prospective graduate students at Albers, to find out more about these and many other opportunities you have to get the most of your graduate experience, so this becomes not only an academic journey but a highly enriching one in the professional dimension as well. Enjoy the last few weeks of Winter Quarter, Spring is just around the corner!

    Written by: Natalia Varela Donado.



    Interested in becoming a Graduate Student Ambassador at Albers?

    Posted by Natalia Varela Donado on 2/16/2011 04:06:20 PM

    Come join the Albers team in enhancing the graduate experience for our students!

    This is a great chance for you to connect with current students and provide an inspiring and encouraging voice for those considering in applying to Albers Graduate Programs! You will also get a chance to participate and assist in marketing and recruitment activities actively communicating with prospective and current colleague students!

    This on campus position is for 8-10 hours per week with an ideal start date of late March, continuing through summer quarter and the 2011-2012 academic year.  Compensation will be $11.30 per hour.  Hours flexible but mostly weekday mornings or afternoons with occasional evenings or Saturdays.


    Current Albers graduate student in good standing who plans to graduate no sooner than Spring Quarter 2012.  Strong interpersonal as well as oral and written communication skills are essential.  Computer skills necessary. 

    To apply:

    Please provide your resume and a *brief* statement of interest to Laura Hauck ( by Friday, February 25. 


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    How can international students find jobs successfully?

    Posted by Huiqiang Zhao on 2/9/2011 01:40:14 PM

    There is no guarantee for any international students to find a job in the tough economy unless you are very lucky. The most effective way for me to get a job is the combination of networking and hardworking. Career consultants all agree that more than 80% of positions never go public. Hiring managers all prefer references. As far as I know about international students who got job offers in US in the recent years, they all had certain connection with the company they went to. Therefore, networking, networking, and networking. I added Seattle University Alumni who work at my target firms in LinkedIn, asking them for informational interview and following up with them. I joined every social event at Albers school and Accounting Department to build relationships with many professionals. I told faculties, career advisors, friends, as well as friends’ friends that I was looking for a job, and asked them to refer me whenever they know a suitable opening for me. Albers faculty members and the consultant in the Albers Placement Center all greatly helped me while I was doing job hunting.  


    If it is hard for international students to work as an intern outside of school, working as a student assistant at school is a very good idea. Although working and studying at the same time will bring you a tight schedule, the experience is definitely worth it. I learned great organizational, interpersonal and leadership skills while working as a Graduate Assistant for the Graduate Program Office. Such experiences allowed me to come up with vivid and convincing examples that managers in accounting firms like to hear during interviews. 


    Last but not least, opportunities indeed go to those well prepared students. First, keep working hard and networking.  Second, look for different learning opportunities to improve skills such as mock interview, resume review, internships, community events, mentor fair and so forth.  When your profile is strong enough, I believe job Offers will come to your door. 


    Written by (Julia) Qian Deng, MPAC student, anticipating to graduate in June 2011, Albers Business School   


    Costco’s Global Expansion Strategies

    Posted by Huiqiang Zhao on 2/7/2011 10:38:50 AM

    With the strong performance over the years, Costco is aiming to expand its market presence globally.  As of 11/24/10, Costco Wholesale runs 582 locations including 157 are overseas. These international stores are located in Canada, UK, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Australia and Mexico.   

    Please join our Albers Executive Speaker Series on Tuesday, March 1, 2011.  

    Craig Jelinek, President & COO of Costco Wholesale, will come to Albers to share his experiences and to discuss Costco’s global expansion strategies.   

    Time:5:30 – 6:30 p.m. 

    Place: Pigott Auditorium 

    Hosted by:Albers School of Business and Economics

    The Albers Executive Speaker Series is free and open to the public. 

     By (Derek) Huiqiang Zhao, Email:  

    Join Albers at Key Arena this Saturday!

    Posted by Huiqiang Zhao on 2/1/2011 09:36:42 AM

    This Saturday, February 5, is Albers Night at Key Arena when the Men’s basketball team will take on the Portland Pilots.  Pre-game reception begins at 5:00 p.m. in the Seattle Center Pavilion.  Coach Dollar will speak at 5:30, and the game tip off is at 7:10 in the arena.  Students can pick up two free tickets with their SU ID at the East Entrance Will Call. 

    For more information, please contact Matt Johnson or Jennifer Walker 

    Hope to see you there!