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  • Career Fair Result

    Posted by Farani Aryono on 11/13/2012 02:53:45 PM

    By Dan Klein

    Last month I mentioned how the Albers Placement Center (career services) organized a career fair, and how beneficial I thought it was and would be.  Well, this week I have been proven right, as I have three interviews scheduled – all with different companies who took my resume at the fair!  With the resume reviews, mock interviews, and career advice, I definitely feel like I have the Placement Center to thank for the good fortune.  And because of all their support, I am confident that I am well prepared for all three.  Now, I’m not sure everyone gets the same kind of response rate that I’ve received, but it’s important to know that it’s possible!  I’m hopeful that at least one of these positions is a good fit, even though they’re a little out of my area of expertise.  Keep your fingers crossed, and hopefully I can report back with great news in a few weeks! 

    - Dan Klein,