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  • Winter Quarter Fly By

    Posted by Loc Nguyen on 1/29/2014 03:11:43 PM

    I'm taking 3 courses this quarter, up from 2 last quarter and it has been noticeably more difficult.  It takes about 2 hours every night to just keep up with course readings and my accounting course requires another 2-3 hours of homework a week.  Add to that 3 different group projects, work, and managing AGSA, and I barely have time for anything else.  We are almost at mid quarter and I feel like time is flying by! 

    However, here are some highlights so far:

    At the Albers Execute Speaker event a few weeks ago, Ray Conner, President and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, gave an informative presentation about the current state of Boeing, the problems they faced last year, and the challenges that lie ahead.  I was especially impressed with his candor and humble beginnings at Boeing. 

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