Albers School of Business and Economics
Faculty and Staff

Peter V. Raven, PhD

  • Peter V. Raven, PhD
    PhD, Business Administration, Washington State University
    MS, University of California, Davis
    BS, Cornell University
    Professor, Marketing
    Phone: 206-296-5763
    Building/Room: Pigott 423

    Teaching Areas

    •  International Marketing
    • Consulting


    Personal Bio

    Peter Raven has an industry background in Food Science and teaches international marketing and consulting courses. Dr. Raven directs international business programs, including the President’s "E" Award winning Global Business EDGE program at Seattle University. He has published in a number of scholarly journals, including the Journal of Services Marketing, Transportation Journal, Asian Case Research Journal, International Journal of E-Business Research, Internet Encyclopedia, Journal of International Marketing, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Journal of Marketing Channels, Franchising Research: An International Journal, Journal of Global Marketing, Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior, Journal of Advertising Research, and others. He has taken students on study tours to Vietnam, Singapore, Italy, China, Japan, and Korea.