Albers School of Business and Economics
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Brian Kelly, PhD

  • Brian Kelly, PhD
    PhD, Economics, Harvard University
    Masters in Public Affairs, Princeton University
    BA, Stanford University
    Associate Professor, Economics
    Phone: 206-296-5711
    Building/Room: Pigott 405

    Teaching Areas

    • Microeconomics


    Personal Bio

    Brian Kelly has taught at Albers since 2007. He was a full-time consultant from 1986 until 2007, specializing in international trade matters and related litigation. He had previously worked for Price Waterhouse and for the U.S. Department of Commerce. His current research interests include the interaction of business financial structures and product market competition and international trade policy. Kelly has recently been published in American Economic Review, Journal of World Trade, and Global Trade & Customs Journal. His hobbies are running, climbing, and chess. He has taught classes at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, including the economics of strategy, microeconomic principles, the economic analysis of law, and intermediate microeconomics.