Albers School of Business and Economics
Center for Leadership Formation


  • Alumni Council

    • President: Cindy Snyder, LEMBA '13  
    • Vice President: Julia Collins, LEMBA '09 
    • Secretary & Historian: Ken Peasley, ELP '05 
    • Continuous Learning: Amy Michael (LEMBA '14)
    • Faculty Salons: Harris Clark (LEMBA '10)
    • Communications Chair: Judy Pickar, LEMBA '09 
    • Center Liaison Cindy Hamra, Associate Director  

    Upcoming Events

    Date and Time    Event          RSVP
     Fri. 10/24, 7.30am - 9am       Creativity & Leadership with Greg Magnan (part 1)  buy tickets
    Fri. 11/14, 7.30am - 9am Creativity & Leadership with Greg Magnan (part 2)  buy tickets 
    Fri. 11/21, 12.30pm - 6pm   Alumni Homecoming event         buy tickets
    Thurs. 12/4, 6pm -10pm       Holiday Party at the 5th Avenue Theater   RSVP
    Fri. 12/12, 7.30am -9am  Creativity & Leadership with Greg Magnan (part 3)  buy tickets


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