Albers School of Business and Economics
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Business and Law Major

  • This selective program offers a Business and Law degree in six years. Freshman students apply for the BABA, major in Business and Law at the same time as they are applying to Seattle University. Students who are selected for this program are guaranteed admission to Seattle University Law School by meeting the median LSAT score and GPA of the previous entering class after completing three years in the Albers School of Business and Economics. Although not guaranteed admission to the School of Law, students with less than the target medians will still be considered for admission to the program. Students must also demonstrate appropriate temperament and character for success in the legal profession. Participants in the program must have a high-school GPA of 3.5 and maintain a 3.5 throughout their 3 year UG experience. To be considered, they must also have a minimum SAT math score of 620 or ACT math score of at least 27. In addition, they must apply to the law school by December of their Junior year with adequate LSAT scores. 

    For consideration of admittance to the BABA, major in Business and Law, read the program information carefully before writing a statement of interest (500 words or less) describing the ways the BABA, Business and Law Program fits with your academic and career plans, and the ways in which you feel you will be a good fit. Please forward your statement of interest to Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Programs, Dr. Teresa Ling (, in the Albers School of Business and Economics.

    The BABA, major in Business and Law degree is conferred upon successful completion of the first year of study at the Seattle University School of Law. At that point, they will have completed 180 credits (30 semester credits during their senior year are taken in the Law School). The Law degree is conferred upon successful completion of the final two years of the School of Law curriculum.

    I. University Core Curriculum Requirements

    55 credits, including:

    Module I

    UCOR 1100 Academic Writing Seminar 5
    UCOR 1200 Quantitative Reasoning (satisfied in major)  
    UCOR 1300  Creative Expression and Interpretation 5
    UCOR 1400 Inquiry Seminar in the Humanities  5
    UCOR 1600 Inquiry Seminar in the Social Sciences 5
    UCOR 1800 Inquiry Seminar in the Natural Sciences 5

    Module II

    UCOR 2100 Theological Explorations 5
    UCOR 2500 Philosophy of the Human Person 5
    UCOR 2910 Ethical Reasoning Business 5

    Module III

    UCOR 3100 Religion in a Global Context 5
    UCOR 3400 Humanities and Global Challenges 5
    UCOR 3800 Natural Sciences and Global Challenges 5

    II. Albers Business Foundation Requirements*

    82 credits, including:

    BUAD 1000 Introduction to Business
    (must be taken first quarter)
    ACCT 2300   Principles of Accounting I 5
    ACCT 2310   Principles of Accounting II 5
    BCOM 2800 Business Communication 5
    ECON 2100 Business Statistics 5
    ECON 2110 Principles of Economics—Micro 5
    ECON 2130 Principles of Economics—Macro 5
    IS 3150   Introduction to Information Systems 5
    ECON 3100   Quantitative Methods and Applications 5
    FINC 3400 Business Finance 5
    MKTG 3500 Introduction to Marketing 5
    OPER 3600   Manufacturing and Service Operations 5
    BLAW 3700   Business and International Law 5
    MGMT 3800 Principles of Management 5
    MGMT 4890 Business Policy and Strategy 5
    Choose one of the following two courses:  
    INBU 3200 Global Environment of Business 5
    ECON 3130 Global and Domestic Macroeconomics 5
    Calculus, choose one of the following two courses:  
    MATH 1130 Elements of Calculus for Business 5
    MATH 1334 Calculus I 5

    EXCEL Requirement

    All business students entering SU summer 2012 or later are required to pass the EXCEL Level I Certification Exam as follows: 

    • Freshman students need to be certified by the time they have reached 45 credits.
    • Transfer students need to be certified by the end of their first quarter in Albers.

    For details, see the Excel FAQ.

    III. Major Requirements

    The following courses are taken through the Seattle University School of Law (credits are per semester):

    CIVL 100 Civil Procedure 4
    CONT 100 Contracts 3
    TORT 100 Torts 2
    CRIM 100 Criminal Law 4
    WRIT 100 - Legal Writing 2
    CONT 105 Contracts 3
    PROP 100 Property 4
    TORT 105 Torts 3
    WRIT 100 Legal Writing 2
      Elective 3

    Note: *Major requirements in the Albers School of Business and Economics must earn a C- grade or better.