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  • Co-Curricular Activities: Executive Speaker Series

    Throughout the Bridge MBA program, students are required to partake in “co-curricular activities” which are business related activities that must be completed along with our courses in order to graduate. One of these co-curricular activities was an Executive Speaker Series put on by the Albers School of Business and Economics in which prominent figures of a company (most of the time the CEO) come and give a one hour lecture to a large audience. During winter quarter I wrote a blog reflecting on my experience at Ray Conner’s Executive Speaker Series who is the CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. This past Tuesday marked the last of the Executive Speaker Series.  I wanted to use this blog to reflect on my positive experiences with the event and how I believe it has been a great asset to my Masters in Business Administration.

    Throughout the year, my classmates and I have attended seven lectures from prominent business figures in the Northwest. My personal favorite was hearing from Brad Tilden who is the CEO of Alaska Airlines. Not only did I enjoy listening to him because we graduated from the same high school (shout out to Highline High), but I also enjoyed how genuine and honest of a person he was. Now, I could write a great amount about each speaker, as they were all phenomenal, but I wanted to focus more on the benefits I have gained from attending this series. The first benefit is the exposure I have received from hearing about different industries and how they function. I will be honest, there were some lectures where I decided right then and there that industry was not for me, and I would not have known that had I not attended. Also, getting to see a CEO speak in person is pretty cool exposure too.  It is not every day you get the chance to listen to the head of a company in person.

    The second benefit I have gained is more specific to each lecture. Every speaker gave a piece of valuable advice that I know I will take with me as I enter my career.  Mr. Conner’s advice that I still hold with me is to “be nice to everyone you meet.” It is such a simple gesture; yet, so hard to do sometimes. The final benefit I have gained from this series was more time to get to know my classmates. The lecture series did not start until 5:30 which gave our cohort two hours to hang out, grab a drink if people wanted to, and talk about other things besides class.  It gave us more time to bond and grow closer. At the end of the summer when I reflect on my degree, the Executive Speaker Series will definitely be an aspect I’ll look at as one of the more influential.

    By: Roger Pierce, Bridge MBA candidate 2014


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