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  • The Bridge to Mastering Excel

    Not the most exciting blog title, but there's something you must know about Microsoft Excel and how it relates to the Bridge MBA program. You use it, you learn it, and you will love it. Spring Quarter requires the completion of a Financial Modeling course in which many of the functions you probably never heard of are put to use. I have been greatly tested in this class and could not be more thankful.

    The course has required my classmates and I to take a word problem (of all kinds, but mostly financial) and implement the answer into a flexible and easy to use workbook. By flexible I mean our workbooks are able to have inputs manipulated but still produce similar outputs (similar in that the process the workbook uses is fixed, therefore inputs can be changed to give different outputs but are obtained in the same manner). Now, before you to sleep because I know this has not been my most exciting blog; I want to speak of the benefits this class has presented and will present in the future.

    Microsoft Excel is a vital tool used all across the business world that has become a necessity for companies and many of their job functions. Having experience with Microsoft Excel has become a requirement for many jobs available these days and this class has provided me with valuable experience with this tool many companies use quite regularly. Learning Microsoft Excel has been no walk in the park, but the challenge has been quite enjoyable. There have been many times when I do not know where to start when it comes to creating a workbook, but once I begin to apply the concepts I have learned in class it makes solving the problem at hand much easier. The advanced knowledge I continue to learn about Microsoft Excel will be a great asset to me in the future and I continue to enjoy learning more and more about it.

    By: Roger Pierce, Bridge MBA candidate 2014


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