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  • Summer Classes? No Problem

    Posted by Autumn Johnson on 6/26/2014 02:11:38 PM

    In my entire academic career (this includes everything prior to grad school) I have never had to take summer classes. This has changed since the start of my summer quarter in the Bridge MBA program. With this quarter being all that stands in the way of me obtaining my master of business administration degree, I can honestly say I have no problem spending my summer inside the classroom for the first time. This will be the last quarter I will spend with my classmates, which makes me a little sad as I have grown close to these people over the course of the year. This is not to say I am not also excited to complete the quarter as it is the final stretch before I cross the finish line. I am sure when August 16th comes and I will be graduating, it will be quite the bittersweet moment.

    Often summer classes have a stigma to them which can be negative. People usually take them to make up for credits, or because they have to in order to graduate on time. The last thing someone wants to be doing over summer break is to be taking more classes. For me, this is not true this time. There is no place I would rather be than on campus learning from Seattle University’s amazing staff of business professors. Though there will be days when I look outside and wish I was outside, I will be happy in knowing that what I am learning is essential in my future success and to completing my degree which is less than two months away. This quarter I will be working with a group of four other students as we partake in our Capstone which is a consulting project for a startup. The Capstone focuses on strategy and Michael Porter’s five forces. I am looking forward to taking the knowledge I gain from this course and applying it to my future career one day.

    This quarter I expect my cohort to become closer with one another than we already are. With the end in sight, we know we won’t be spending as much time with one another and we are planning on hanging out much more outside of the classroom. The nice weather will make this easier. There is no more beautiful place to spend summer than in Seattle even if it will be inside for some of the time. Who knows, maybe we can convince some of our professors to lecture outside every once in awhile.

    By: Roger Pierce, 2014 Bridge MBA candidate

    Co-Curricular Activities: Executive Speaker Series

    Posted by Autumn Johnson on 6/2/2014 01:21:00 PM

    Throughout the Bridge MBA program, students are required to partake in “co-curricular activities” which are business related activities that must be completed along with our courses in order to graduate. One of these co-curricular activities was an Executive Speaker Series put on by the Albers School of Business and Economics in which prominent figures of a company (most of the time the CEO) come and give a one hour lecture to a large audience. During winter quarter I wrote a blog reflecting on my experience at Ray Conner’s Executive Speaker Series who is the CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. This past Tuesday marked the last of the Executive Speaker Series.  I wanted to use this blog to reflect on my positive experiences with the event and how I believe it has been a great asset to my Masters in Business Administration.

    Throughout the year, my classmates and I have attended seven lectures from prominent business figures in the Northwest. My personal favorite was hearing from Brad Tilden who is the CEO of Alaska Airlines. Not only did I enjoy listening to him because we graduated from the same high school (shout out to Highline High), but I also enjoyed how genuine and honest of a person he was. Now, I could write a great amount about each speaker, as they were all phenomenal, but I wanted to focus more on the benefits I have gained from attending this series. The first benefit is the exposure I have received from hearing about different industries and how they function. I will be honest, there were some lectures where I decided right then and there that industry was not for me, and I would not have known that had I not attended. Also, getting to see a CEO speak in person is pretty cool exposure too.  It is not every day you get the chance to listen to the head of a company in person.

    The second benefit I have gained is more specific to each lecture. Every speaker gave a piece of valuable advice that I know I will take with me as I enter my career.  Mr. Conner’s advice that I still hold with me is to “be nice to everyone you meet.” It is such a simple gesture; yet, so hard to do sometimes. The final benefit I have gained from this series was more time to get to know my classmates. The lecture series did not start until 5:30 which gave our cohort two hours to hang out, grab a drink if people wanted to, and talk about other things besides class.  It gave us more time to bond and grow closer. At the end of the summer when I reflect on my degree, the Executive Speaker Series will definitely be an aspect I’ll look at as one of the more influential.

    By: Roger Pierce, Bridge MBA candidate 2014