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  • Cohorts Add Fun to Graduate School

    Posted by Autumn Johnson on 12/4/2013 02:22:56 PM

    Finals week is just around the corner and I am currently in the midst of finishing what has been an awesome quarter in the Bridge MBA program. From analyzing international economies, to learning the differences between financial and managerial accounting, I have developed a great amount of knowledge in a ten week span. Let’s just say, graduate school has proven to be everything it is cracked up to be.

    Fun, challenging, engaging, and collaborative; these are only a few of the words that come to mind when defining the first quarter of graduate school. Fun may come off as a cliché word to describe the first quarter of an inaugural graduate school program, but I am being honest when I say this quarter has been fun and enjoyable. Following the retreat in mid-September, where my classmates and I got a head start on getting to know one another, class has been a comfortable environment where learning is enhanced by everyone’s willingness to contribute.

    Also, coming to class early has been fun. Yes that is not a typo—coming to class early has in fact been fun. Gone are the days where I found myself five minutes early to class waiting in silence while fellow classmates filled the seats only to not talk to one another. These days, my classmates and I show up thirty minutes early, engage in conversations, eat lunch together, and continue our conversations after class by grabbing a drink somewhere. The relationships I have developed with my classmates have been an unexpected part of the Bridge MBA program, but something I am very thankful for. In addition to being fun, the quarter has also been challenging as learning business principles is no easy task.  Having an entire class there to support one another is unbeatable. We help each other when help is needed and we remind each other of due dates when they approach.

    There are many concepts I have learned this quarter in regards to business. One of these concepts is that cohesive teams are the most productive teams. With this concept in mind and finals week fast approaching, one can expect a lot of productivity from the Bridge MBA cohort.

    Happy Holidays!

    By: Roger Pierce