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  • Opportunities to Establish Business Connections in the Bridge

    Posted by Liz Wick on 11/21/2013 12:59:08 PM

    As the inaugural Bridge MBA cohort reaches the end of our first quarter together, we cannot help but feel excited for the future ahead and to develop the friendships we have created. The quarter has been fast paced with the acquisition of fundamental knowledge in Business Economics, Accounting, Project Management, and Organizational Behavior. The quarter has also been filled with excellent opportunities which have further enhanced our knowledge of business and provided us with moments to network with members of the business community. In late October, the Albers School of Business and Economics hosted a career fair where many of us met with employers from the Seattle area. Many of the employers we spoke to were impressed with our participation in a full-time MBA program. Those of us who submitted resumes to interested employers are looking forward to the opportunity of reconnecting with them in the future

    Recently our cohort was given the great privilege of having guest speakers in both our Business Accounting and Observational Behavior courses. In Business Accounting we had a guest lecture from Lisa Janicki, CFO of Janicki Industries. Ms. Janicki gave a phenomenal presentation that outlined a brief history of the company and described its growth and current product development, while also incorporating accounting concepts. The presentation was followed by a Q&A session where students were given the opportunity to ask Ms. Janicki any questions that they had.

    In our Observational Behavior course a guest panel spoke about the benefits of networking. Our panel consisted of Marlis Korber: President of SBI Management Services, Nadine Rosendin: Manager in the Workforce Development Organization at The Boing Company, and Greg Scully: Corporate Relations Manager in the Albers School of Business. Panelists spoke about the importance of networking within the business community and also gave us helpful tips on how to go about networking. A main point all of the panelists touched on was the idea that networking is not all about ourselves, but instead, it is about the people we are networking with. When networking, many people focus on what that person can do for them, as opposed to focusing on what they can do for that person. The panelists emphasized this point greatly, which is valuable advice as we begin our careers.

    Thus far, the Bridge MBA program has been fun, challenging, and filled with great opportunities. As finals week approaches we look forward to finishing the quarter strong and continuing to expand our business knowledge.

    By Roger Pierce

    Welcome to the Bridge MBA Blog!

    Posted by Autumn Johnson on 11/6/2013 01:56:55 PM

    A new blog for a new MBA program!

    Seattle University's Bridge MBA is a one year, intensive, cohort program for students with less than 2 years of professional business experience and an undergraduate degree in something other than business.  The Bridge's inaugural cohort started in fall of 2013.  This blog is a place for current Bridge MBA students to write about their experiences in the program, for the benefit of other current or prospective students.  You can expect posts at least every other week by our Bridge Graduate Student Ambassador, as well as other Bridge students.  You can also view the Bridge MBA program's website for more information about the program: