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  • A Washington Company and a Washington Man

    Posted by Autumn Johnson on 1/27/2014 05:08:29 PM

    Seattle University's Executive  Speaker Series this past week provided me with an experience I will never forget. Ray Conner, CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, spoke to a packed audience about the successes and the shortcomings the company experienced in 2013. For me specifically, seeing him speak was an awesome experience because I feel like I can relate to him in a few ways. Mr. Conner was a genuine individual who was animate about the fact that a person will go as far as they want, as long as they are nice to everyone they meet along the way. This is something I believe whole-heartedly, as well, and it was nice to see someone as successful as Mr. Conner believe in the same thing.

    It was also exciting to see Mr. Conner speak given the attention The Boeing Company has received over the past few months. It was unknown until a few weeks ago where the 777x was going to be manufactured as machinists and The Boeing Company were in disagreement over the project's contract. An agreement was eventually made and Mr. Conner touched on the topic briefly, but emphatically. Mr. Conner explained that he has grown up in this state his whole life and that he couldn't be happier that the 777x is going to be built in the greater Seattle area. That comment was followed by a round of applause from the crowd that shared the same pride he felt. 

    By: Roger Pierce, 2014 Bridge MBA candidate


    A Challenging Quarter Boasts Great Opportunities

    Posted by Autumn Johnson on 1/8/2014 05:05:58 PM

    The winter quarter courses of the Bridge MBA program, themed “Analytical Process,” offer a great challenge to me and my fellow Bridge Masters (a term we coined for ourselves at our retreat last September). The courses focus on processes that are vital to a company’s success and how all these processes intertwine. My professors have done an excellent job of communicating with one another so that they know the curriculum being taught in the other classes. This is great because it will help my classmates and I learn how these aspects intersect as our professors will integrate material from our other courses. This being said, I understand this will be a rigorous and challenging quarter as analytical processing is no walk in the park.  Personally, this challenge excites me as I enjoy learning new things and, as someone who is undecided about my career, the courses this quarter are extremely intriguing as they pose potential fields I might want to go into.  

    Information Systems, Finance, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management are all areas of business I am excited to learn about. I am also excited about the great opportunities our professors have in store for us. In Marketing, we will be presenting a consulting project with a company and its executive board. In Information Systems, we will get the opportunity to work in teams and share with the rest of the class a training module we create ourselves that teaches the class how to use an area of information systems technology. In Supply Chain Management, we will have the opportunity to go to a company and learn all about their operations. In Finance, not only will we be taught by our beloved director, David Carrithers, but we will also get the opportunity to study a finance case and apply our knowledge from the class and share these findings in a presentation.

    All in all, I am extremely excited for all of the great opportunities and the challenges that await us. What I am most excited for though is the opportunity to learn new material in courses that potentially will have a direct influence on my future career. It’s going to be a fun quarter.

    By: Roger Pierce, Bridge MBA Candidate 2014