Albers School of Business and Economics

Alumni Association

  • Now is an exciting time to get involved in charting the future for the Albers Alumni Board. In September 2002 the Albers School of Business and Economics established the Albers Alumni Board with the help of some very committed alumni. We're approaching our 12th year of supporting the Albers mission, current Albers students, and fellow Albers alumni.  Entering our second decade, we welcome the expertise and involvement of all alumni, recent grads and seasoned professionals alike, as we intentionally and strategically expand our efforts to better the Albers alumni community. Our activities range from organizing events, such as the SU Crab Feed, to working with current students to enrich their educations.

    If you would like to be involved with the Albers Alumni Board, fill out the Albers Alumni Board Application. You can become involved either as a full board member or serve on a committee of the board. 

    Special thanks to the current serving board members listed below for their care, energy, time, and support.


    Mariam Abarientos – ’04, BABA
    Lease Crutcher Lewis 
    Karyn Blasi - '09, MBA
    Swedish Cancer Institute 
     Sean Brennen - '05, MBA
    Holland America
     Tess Cheatle – ’07, BABA
     Fiona Chin – ’06, MBA
    Greg Claypool – ’85, BABA
     Syd Dawson – ’03, MBA
    The Boeing Co.
     Heather Detering - '06, BABA
    Paracle Advisors
     Chris Dorling - '97 BA
    Sand Point Associates
    Terren Drake – ’14, BABA
    PACCAR Financial Corp.
     Tony Goodwillie – ’04, MBA
    The Boeing Co.
     Michael A. Hart – ’98, MBA
     Jason T. McGill – ’98,'01, BABA. JD
    Office of the Governor
     Riq Molina - '99, BABA
    JP Morgan Chase
     Antonio Munoz-King - '00, MPA
    Microsoft Corporation
     Mike Nguyen - '09, MBA
    Revel Consulting
     John O'Dore – ’90, BABA
    Meridian Capital
     Eileen Olson – ’94, MBA
    Badgley Phelps
     Sharon Sidione - '03, MIB
     Ryan Reilly - '10, BABA
    The Legacy Group
     Misty Watson - '09, MSF
    Russell Investment Group