Albers School of Business and Economics
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Learning Goals

  • Undergraduate Business Foundation

    • Demonstrate critical thinking and analytical skills.
    • Demonstrate competent oral and written communication skills.
    • Demonstrate competent leadership skills.
    • Demonstrate understanding of the body of knowledge encompassed by the UG Business Foundation courses.

     Accounting (ACCT)

    • Analyze and evaluate costing systems, prepare master budgets, evaluate managerial performance, analyze management control systems, and provide decision support for cost management and other managerial decisions.
    • Analyze transaction cycles and accounting processes, evaluate risk, and recommend internal controls for accounting processes.
    • Use software to improve efficiency and internal control, analyze data, and support decision-making.
    • Analyze and communicate the effects of basic tax rules on individuals, partnerships and corporations, and prepare basic tax returns based on research of pertinent authority to answer tax questions..
    • Prepare and evaluate financial statements according to generally acceped accounting principles and identify, research, and recommend resolution of related accounting issues, including ethical implications of alternatives.
    • Perform basic analysis of financial systems and statements, and write a report on the performance, financial condition, and management effectiveness.
    • Demonstrate skills and abilities relevant to the accounting profession, including effective written and oral communications and working effectively in teams.
    • Be aware of the needs of communities beyond the boundaries of their professional community.