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Co-Curricular Opportunities


    • Plan ahead: Inform yourself on opportunities ahead of time. As you explore all of the opportunities available to you, notate special event dates, and timeline and deadline reminders on your educational plan
    • Note time commitments: ¬†Time commitments may be up to a year in length and require that one plan time for program involvement into their schedule each week.
    • Allow time for application processes: Leadership opportunities often require an application process where only a limited number of applicants are accepted, so you want to give yourself plenty of preparation time for completing applications.
    • Plan for related coursework: For example, if you are planning to participate in a study abroad program, you may want to plan for courses in the language or a region of interest. ¬†
    • Note specific courses included in program information¬† (Education Abroad for example)
    • Discuss your plans with your advisor