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  • What happens when a referral is received?

    Academic Alerts submitted to the Bellarmine Advising Center are forwarded to a professional advisor in the student's school or college. Referring faculty are cc'd on this communication.  New submissions are forwarded on a daily basis.

    Follow-up with a referred student is then carried out by the professional advisor.

    For students who are not attending class

    If the student you refer for attendance difficulties is living on campus, this information is shared with his or her Residence Hall Director. The RD's will make contact with reported students and let them know that their Advising Center has been notified of their absence by a concerned instructor. RD's will check on the welfare of the student and, if appropriate, remind the student of the importance of class attendance. In addition, RD's are prepared to provide students with the support and information they need to address their particular situation. Faculty will be informed when RD's have made contact with the student.

    For students with more urgent concerns or significant personal issues 

    Professional advisors will assess the specific needs of the student. The means of contacting these students will depend on what the situation requires: an email, a phone call, or engaging the help of other support services professionals. When the issue is social or behavioral in nature, Jake Diaz, VP for Student Development, will be consulted. Referring faculty will be informed when action has been taken and given additional information to whatever extent possible within confidentiality limits.

    Student confidentiality and the faculty need to know

    Faculty are always encouraged to contact the professional advisor handling the referral. Information will be provided on a need-to-know basis as determined by FERPA guidelines protecting the student's right to privacy.