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  • Undergraduate Applicant

    • Freshman: A student who has never attended college, or who has earned college credits but only prior to high school graduation.
    • Running Start: Washington state students who are currently dual-enrolled in high school and community college.
    • Transfer: A student who has completed some college courses following high school graduation.
    • International: A student who is not a resident of the United States.
    • Readmission: A student who has been absent from Seattle University for more than four consecutive quarters.
    • Non-matriculated: A student who wishes to take post-secondary or post-baccalaureate courses but does not intend to pursue a bachelor's degree, a certificate or fulfill prerequisites for a particular Seattle University degree program.
    • Post-baccalaureate: Students who have already completed a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and who seek admission to complete additional undergraduate study.
    • Home-schooled: A student who has received their education through home schooling experiences.
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    Graduate Applicant

    Thank you for your interest in Seattle University. We offer a variety of ways for you to apply, including:

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    Please note that there are additional requirements for international students, as well as readmission and non-degree seeking students.

    Law School Applicant

    Thank you for your interest in Seattle University School of Law.