Student Activities


  •  2013-2014 Redzone Cabinet

    Lauren Maza, Senior

    "1,000 members this year? YES, PLEASE! Excited to make senior year the best one yet!"

    Vice President
    Cody Smith, Junior

    "I'm stoked for a big year ahead of us and I hope to meet unquantifiable amounts of new people who are beyond excited about SU, Redzone, Hawksquad, and just life!"

    VP of Marketing
    Aljohn Gaviola, Junior

    "It's a great year for Redzone and I'm thrilled to be part of such a great team! I'm looking forward to building traditions and keeping the Redhawk spirit alive! Rock out with your hawk out!"

    VP of Membership
    Javier Carregha, Sophomore

    "I really hope to see the student section at the KeyArena filled up this year!!!"

    VP of Game Day
    Taylor Kane, Junior

    "Redzone is going to rock this year! I'm excited to meet all the new Redhawks and for them to become part of the SU family!"