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Accepted Undergraduate Students

Finalize Your Acceptance

  • You must complete your admission file to finalize enrollment at Seattle University.  

    As stated in your acceptance letter, initial admission is provisional and contingent upon the successful completion of any coursework in progress.  Enrolling freshmen must submit final transcripts listing all final grades, and confirming graduation by July 15 if enrolling for fall quarter.  Those having completed college coursework while enrolled in high school (e.g. Washington state "Running Start") must submit official college transcripts by this deadline as well.

    Failure to provide your final transcript(s) will result in a hold being placed on your record, delaying registration for subsequent quarters.  

    Please note that if your academic performance declines following acceptance, bringing your cumulative GPA below an acceptable level; if you drop or fail coursework in which you were enrolled at the time of acceptance; or if you fail to graduate, Seattle University reserves the right to withdraw acceptance.  It is essential that you confer with Admissions Office personnel promptly if you experience any of these academic difficulties following your initial acceptance.

    Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate scores

    Freshmen are also required to submit any official Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate examination scores to the Office of the Registrar by July 15.

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