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Sullivan Leadership Award Committee

  • Membership

    Rebecca Hartley (co-chair) 
    Melore Nielsen (co-chair)
    Matt Bishop
    Peter Brous
    Janet Cantelon
    Nick Coffman
    Adair Dingle
    Michelle Etchart
    Andrea Frangi
    Luke Green
    Charles Lawrence
    Greg Magnan
    Craig Mallery
    Monica Nixon
    Laurie Prince
    Laurie Prince
    Mo-Kyung Sin
    Mary-Antoinette Smith
    Alvin Sturdivant
    Olufemi Taiwo
    Jean Tang
    Tim Wilson
    Michael Andrews (Co-Advisor)
    Andrea McDowell (Co-Advisor)
    Pauline Benson (Coordinator)


    Recruits, reviews, and selects nine Sullivan Leadership Awardees each year from 13 western states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Winners receive tuition, lodging, and meals for each of four years of study at SU. For more information about the competition please see the Sullivan website.


    Recommendatory to the President


    Monthly meetings are scheduled fall quarter and weekly meetings are scheduled winter quarter. Extensive time is required outside meetings for committee members to read and evaluate applications. Committee members attend the Leaders' Day and Finalists' Day events of the competition.


    The 22-member committee is appointed in collaboration with the Sullivan Oversight Team and consists of the following:
    • 11 staff
    • 9 faculty members
    • 2 administrators.

    The 11 staff positions are from the following areas:
    • 3 from Admissions (including the Dean), ongoing
    • 1 from Student Financial Services, ongoing
    • 1 from the Office of Multicultural Affairs, ongoing
    • 1 from New Student Programs, ongoing
    • 1 from Office of Fellowships, ongoing
    • 1 from Mission and Ministry, ongoing
    • 3 from Student Development, rotating 4-year terms

    The 9 faculty positions are chosen to represent the various undergraduate colleges and schools and serve 5-year terms.

    The 2 administrators are from the Office of the Provost and from Student Development with one permanent position each.

    The committee is co-chaired by one of the faculty members (5-year term) and by the Dean of Admissions (ongoing).

    Reports To

    Sullivan Leadership Oversight Team (Charles Lawrence, Ph.D., Associate Provost for Academic Achievement; Jacquelyn Miller, Ph.D., Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs; and Marilyn Crone, Vice President for Enrollment Management).

    Minutes Disribution

    Attendance and general accomplishments to be recorded for each meeting.

    Chair or Contact Person/Telephone Number

    Rebecca Hartley, Ph.D., Dept. of Biology, x5489 or
    Melore Nielsen, Dean of Admissions, x5813 or


    The Sullivan Leadership Award was first established in 1989 as a Washington state program to support five student leaders and thereby promote leadership and service for others through ethical vision. As of Academic year 2010 it has grown to include thirteen states with nine awardees. Award recipients are referred to as Sullivan Leaders.