Academic Affairs
Standing Committees

Faculty Handbook Revision Committee

  • Membership

    Erik Olsen (Chair)
    Isiaah Crawford (Provost, ex-officio)
    Di Di Galligar (ex-officio)
    Anne Hirsch
    Sean McDowell
    Joe Phillips
    Manivong Ratts
    John Weaver


    Assists the Provost in maintaining and updating material in the Faculty Handbook. Amendments to the Handbook may be proposed in writing to this committee by any of the following: President, Provost, any departmental/academic unit by motion passed at a departmental/academic unit meeting, the Academic Assembly, the Council of Deans, any full-time faculty member (including professional librarians and administrators holding academic rank) with the written endorsement of 10 additional faculty members.


    Recommendatory to the President, through the Provost, for submission to the Board of Trustees.


    Twice yearly, or as needed.


    The Faculty Handbook Revision Committee shall be a subcommittee of the Academic Assembly. The Vice President of the Academic Assembly will serve as the chair of the committee. Three faculty members of the committee will be appointed by the Academic Assembly, two faculty members will be appointed by the Provost and one member of the Deans’ Council will be selected by that body. The Vice President of the Academic Assembly will serve as one of the three Academic Assembly appointees. A designee of the Provost will serve on the committee ex officio and be a non-voting member. The four faculty members (other than the Vice President of the Academic Assembly) will serve three-year terms.

    Reports to


    Minutes Distribution

    Committee communicates its recommendations or decisions to the proposal initiator and to other concerned parties.

    Chair or Contact Person

    Erik Olsen


    The Faculty Handbook Revision Committee was formed upon the approval of the Faculty Handbook in 1986. Before the inception of the Faculty Handbook, a Statutes Revision Committee existed to make academic policy changes.