Academic Affairs
Standing Committees

Council of Deans

  • Membership

    Isiaah Crawford, Provost (Chair)

    Annette Clark, Dean, School of Law
    Jodi Kelly, Dean, Matteo Ricci College
    Mark Markuly, Dean, School of Theology and Ministry
    Joseph M. Phillips, Dean, Albers School of Business and Economics 
    John Popko, University Librarian
    David Powers, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences 
    Michael Quinn, Dean, College of Science and Engineering
    Deanna Sands, Dean, College of Education 
    Kristen Swanson, Dean, College of Nursing
    Bob Dullea, Vice President for University Planning and Vice Provost 
    Marilyn Crone, Vice President for Enrollment Management
    William J. Ehmann, Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Education
    Richard Fehrenbacher, Dean, School of New and Continuing Studies
    Di Di Galligar, Assistant Provost for Business and Faculty Administration 
    Russell Powell, Associate Provost for Global Engagement
    Charles Lawrence, Associate Provost for Academic Achievement


    Administers the common elements of school/college operations within university policy, and serves as a forum on matters pertaining to the schools/colleges. Establishes, within broad university policy, the specific operating policies and procedures required to administer the instructional program. Monitors the execution of policies and procedures. Recommends policy changes to appropriate committees and officers in matters common to schools/colleges.


    Binding in matters of administering university academic policy common to schools/colleges. Recommendatory to the Provost regarding university-level academic policy.


    Twice a month, or at Provost’s discretion. Meetings are closed except to members and invited guests.

    Reports To


    Minutes Distribution

    Committee members; Cabinet members.

    Chair or Contact Person/Telephone Number

    Isiaah Crawford/2595


    The Deans’ Council has existed at least since the early 1950’s. It is unknown when the council was given official status.