Academic Affairs
Standing Committees

Council of Associate Deans (CAD)

  • Membership

    Charles Lawrence (Chair)
    Andrew Anderson
    Tito Cruz
    Kate Elias
    Marilyn Gist
    Anne Hirsch
    Jean Jacoby
    Josh Krawczyk
    Kathleen La Voy
    Beth Layton
    Kan Liang
    Teresa Ling 
    Mara Rempe
    Carol Schneider
    Debra Stauffer
    Brendon Taga
    Susan Weihrich
    Rhonda Woods


    Serves as an administrative oversight group and policy group on matters pertaining to student academic issues in the schools/colleges. Recommends changes to appropriate committees and officers in matters common to the schools/colleges.


    Recommendatory to the Provost, working through the Vice Provost, regarding university-level academic policy.


    Once a month, or as needed. Meetings are closed except to members and invited guests.


    Associate Provost; one associate dean from each of the schools/colleges.

    Reports To

    Provost, through the Associate Provost

    Minutes Distribution

    Committee members and deans.

    Chair of Contact Person/Telephone Number

    Chuck Lawrence/6953 or Rosa Hughes/6384


    This body came into existence as a recommendation from the Deans Council in fall 1998.

    View the Program Change History here.