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General, Special, & Reference Requests

  •  Students who require further documentation, besides a transcript or enrollment verification, can peruse the list below for the appropriate form. Below each link is a list of what the form is used for. 

    General Request Form 

    • Request a copy of your graduation requirements (graduating students only) 
    • Obtain a letter from the Registrar for zone permit as an out of state resident 
    • Receive copies of SU course descriptions 
    • Change or update personal data (not for name change) 
    • Set your current majors to primary, secondary or third  

    Special Request Form 

    • Order a duplicate diploma 
    • Have the Registrar fill out information on a form (such as the common app) 
    • Obtain a letter from the Registrar for specific purposes 

    Required for a letter of reference  when a student or former student seeks a reference letter that contains non-directory information such as:

    • GPA  
    • Course grades 
    • Social security number 
    • Information obtained from evaluations by others 
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