Education Abroad
Preparing to Depart

Non-SU Programs

  • Follow the pre-departure procedures outlined below and be sure to consult with your program provider to see if there is any additional program-specific paperwork you will need to complete. 

    1. Complete all required pre-departure paperwork: November 1st Deadline for Winter (Spring Semester) 2016

    2. If Necessary, Meet with Student Financial Services 

    • Financial Aid Budget - Print off the Program Provider Budget listed on their website, if the budget is unavailable please complete the Non-SU Financial Aid Budget
    • If necessary make an appointment with Student Financial Services, NOTE: SFS will need a signed Program Provider Budget or Non-SU Financial Aid Budget from your Education Abroad Advisor

    3. Attend Orientation

    • Going abroad Winter and/or Spring Quarters 2016: November 14th 10-12PM, The Boeing Room
    • Review health and safety information about your destination
    • Confirm with EAO that all information required of you has been submitted by the required deadline

    4. Go Abroad!

    • Contact EAO if changes are made to your classes while your abroad
    • Come back, share your experience with us, and participate in our re-entry workshop

    Failure to complete these steps by the established deadline will result in a late fee and may jeopardize your participation on the program.