Education Abroad
Preparing to Depart

Emergency Notification

  • 24 Hour Public Safety Line: +1 (206) 296-5911


    To ensure that in urgent or serious situations Seattle University International Program participants receive prompt, appropriate and thorough care, intervention or referral from both program staff and Seattle University officers.


    Any situation or condition which jeopardizes the Seattle University student(s)' physical or mental health, safety, well-being or program participation and/or requires the intervention of program staff. Such events or occurrences may include, but not be limited to: civil disturbance, natural disaster, severe or prolonged illness or injury requiring hospitalization, disciplinary action, emotional or behavioral disorders, illegal actions (i.e. drug use), absence from program site, academic probation, etc.

    To assist program staff in addressing or resolving an urgent or emergency situation, it is vital that a Seattle University official be promptly notified.

    Notification Procedures

    Pubic Safety will contact SU's crisis response team including:

    Gina Lopardo, Director, Education Abroad
    Office: (206) 296-6460 Fax: (206) 296-6988

    Alvin Sturdivant, Associate Vice President for Student Development
    Office: (206) 296-6066 Fax: (206) 296- 6063

    Timothy Marron, Executive Director, Public Safety & Transportation
    24 hour phone: (206) 296-5911

    Notification Information

    Please provide the following information in any notification.

    • student(s) names
    • date & time of occurrence/condition
    • description of occurrence/condition
    • action taken by program staff
    • action requested of Officer (if appropriate)
    • return contact information