Leadership Development

Student Awards

  • New Awards

    This year, we're excited to unveil new statuettes, designed by Junior Cultural Anthropology major, Ellyn Rivers.  Check out the design!  Currently, you can submit and potential name for the awards.  The person with the winning idea will win a  $75 gift card to one of 10 awesome locations.

    Award Nominations

    Do you know students who should be celebrated?  Tell us about them!  We know SU students are so worthy, but we can only select students who are nominated… by you.  We've streamlined the process this year to make it easier for nominated.  You can use one common nomination form for all individual awards.  The selection committee will do the rest.

    Nominations will be open until 5 pm, Wednesday, April 23!!!

    Nominee Information

    If you have been contacted by our office that you were nominated for an award this year, please fill out this form by no later than Tuesday, April 29th at 11:59pm. 

    Past Recipients

    A list of past recipients