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Social Media and LinkedIn

  • The ever expanding influence and impact of social media on our lives includes our professional lives. Social media can be a barrier to your success or a tool to leverage towards success.

    Be mindful  that much of what is posted about you online is public and could be seen by potential employers. Negative or compromising images or statements may sway a hiring decision against you. Be conscience of your online presence.  Consider Googling yourself and always keep a professional profile.

    Utilizing Social Media in your job search strategy

    Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest and others have made keeping in touch easy.

    The etiquette varies, with some people merging their professional and personal lives in Facebook and conducting business through the platform, while others intentionally maintain separate profiles. Find what works best for you and be mindful of the preferences of others. With that said, Facebook is an easy way to start with more intimate acquaintances. Keep an open mind as you never know how people might be connected.

    LinkedIn - a social media tool for professionals

    The website is a social media platform developed for professional purposes and we encourage you to actively leverage this powerful tool. There are several advantages to a LinkedIn profile.

    1. It provides a professional, online profile that can be customized to highlight your portfolio of work.
    2. The number of users dramatically increases your reach.
    3. It is a powerful tool in build a strong and strategic professional network