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    Sitting in the middle of Seattle’s vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood, the Seattle University branch of Shorinji Kempo started its practice in 2009 with kind support by Professor. Jason Wirth at the university. As the 2nd branch in Greater Seattle area, Seattle University branch was recognized as an official branch of the World Shorinji Kempo Organization in 2010.

    Sensei Hiroshi Onaka oversees both Seattle branch and Seattle University branch in Greater Seattle area, and the sub-branch master, Jun Tsuneoka leads the practice every Monday and Wednesday at the university’s athletic gym – Connolly Center.

    There’re currently 10 member kenshi at the branch, and most member kenshi are new to the practice. The class is currently open only for the students and the alumni of Seattle University, but we’d like to welcome applications for future enrollment as we grow our capacity at the branch.

    President |  Nan Xia

    Vice - President |  Khyree Smith