• Resumes

    A resume serves as an introduction to potential employers and as a reflective tool for the applicant. An effective resume captures the attention of the reader, clearly communicating your skills and ability to get the job done. Resumes vary widely by field and industry. A few key rules to apply:

    Your resume will be read top to bottom, so organize your information from most to least important.

    Your resume will be read left to right, so anything you want to highlight or emphasize should be on the left.

    Your resume will be read or scanned quickly, so provide the most relevant information including key word and exclude unnecessary, extra information.

    Accomplishment statements demonstrate your skills or abilities better than listing duties or responsibilities.

    Read our worksheet for a step by step guide of what to include and how to organize it.

    Resume Guide

    Compare some samples to find a format and style that best fits you. (Link to sample PDFs)

    Full-time Job Sample

    Internship Sample

    Part-time Job Sample

    Nursing Sample

    BioChemistry Sample

    Engineering Sample

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