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Individual Award Nomination

  • Please use this form to submit a nomination for an individual student. This is a general form for all nominations for individual students, which asks you to detail what stands out to you about this nominee.  The selection committee will determine which award's criteria best matches your narrative and then select recipients.  If you prefer, you are welcome to focus your narrative toward specific awards. A list of the awards and criteria is posted on the About the Awards Page.

    You may choose to write your narrative in another document and paste into the submission field.  Please note, there is a limit of 4500 characters (or about 800 words), but do not feel compelled to write this much.  It is a maximum, not a minimum.

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    Please tell us why this nominee is deserving of recognition.  The following questions can be used to guide your thinking, but are not required.  Please limit your submission to 4500 characters, or approximately 800 words.

    • What stands out about this nominee as compared to other students?
    • What is this nominee's particular contributions, talents or accomplishments?
    • Describe concrete examples of how this nominee's leadership has impacted others, the campus, the community and/or the world?