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DEEP Peer Educators

  • Stephenie Bre'Yanna Simmons

    Stephenie Bre'Yanna Simmons


     Where is home?: Olympia, WA 

     Other SU & Community Activities: Minority Association for Pre-Medical Students (MAPS), Mary's Place (non-profit day shelter for homeless women and children), Community Lunch on Capitol Hill 

    What does social justice mean to you?: Social justice is the acceptance of a human being. It is the acceptance of an individual's gender, race, and sexual identity. It is advocating for individuals who do not have a voice, and the recognition that every individual deserves respect. 

    Peer Educator Philosophy/ Approach: My philosophy as a peer educator is to recognize that everyone has different backgrounds that shape how they understand themselves, others, and the world. By respecting these differences and finding ways to listen and share, social justice begins. 

    Jamie Wipf

    Jamie Wipf

    English Literature, Theology/Religious Studies

    Where is Home? Pasadena, CA

    Other SU & Community Activities: Campus Ministry! (The Well, Gender & Sexuality Programming), SU Writing Center

    What does social justice mean to you?  "Justice is what love looks like in public." --Cornel West

    Peer Educator Philosophy/ Approach: Listen. Try to understand even the people who don't try to understand you.

    Monica Chan

    Monica Chan


    Where is home? Sacramento, CA with roots in Guangdong Province

    Other SU & Community Activities: Sustainable Student Action (SSA) and Multicultural Representative for Student Government of Seattle University, so come talk to me if you ever need some advocacy support!

    What does social justice mean to you? Restructuring power systems that marginalize and oppress communities and defending land and resources for all.

    Peer Educator Philosophy/ Approach: Praxis: taking the thoughts and conversations to a level of action, which is expressed in many different ways 

    Vanessa Lam

    Vanessa Lam

    Humanities for Teaching & Math

    Where is Home? "42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. I Remembered it again!" Just kidding :) Home is wherever family is.

    Other SU & Community Activities: Student Alumni Abassadors

    What does social justice mean to you? Social justice means where the poor, lowly, or minorities are heard and where their needs are fulfilled.

    Peer Educator Philosophy/Approach: My philosophy is through friendly invitations with a cup of (yerba mate) tea :)

    Amanda Chavez

    Amanda Chavez

    International Studies & Spanish

    Where is home?: Santa Clara, CA

    Other SU & Community Activities: Consultant in SU Writing Center, Connections Leadership Program Peer Mentor, Duly Noted Acapella Group,  United Filipino Club Barrio Skit Coordinator, Poet.

    What does social justice mean to you?: Social justice is about compassionate connection. It's about a lot of things. It can be a lot of things. To me, it means being active about love. For one another and for one's self.    

     Peer Educator Philosophy/ Approach: Listening and sharing stories. Deconstructing systems of oppression through open dialogue and creative expression. 


    Gabriel Andres Ferri

    Gabriel Andres Ferri

    English Creative Writing & Women & Gender Studies Dual Major

    Where is home?: Puerto Rico

    Other SU & Community Activies: Officer in Society of Feminist, KSUB Radio DJ

     What does social justice mean to you?: To act in the belief that every issue has a solution.

    Peer Educator Philosophy/ Approach: Always try super hard to shut up and listen.